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Renaming your Twitch chat bot for branding

Strengthen your brand by renaming your Twitch chat bot to your chosen name. The bot will reflect your brand in all its chat messages and community interactions.

Your Moobot will act as any name you give it, as long as you have access to the account on Twitch.

The account on Twitch can be a separate account registered by you just for your Twitch chat bot, uniquely named to reflect your brand, or any other account you have access to.

Custom bot name in Twitch chat

Additional benefits to renaming your Twitch chat botā€‹

With your custom named Twitch bot you also have these additional benefits:

  • Your Twitch chat bot runs on its own separate server, all fully managed by Moobot, which means it's faster and more reliable than the default Moobot, which all of Twitch share.
  • You can choose the Twitch bot's color appearance in chat.
  • You can choose what badges the Twitch bot has activated in chat.
  • You can have the Twitch bot subscribed to you, proudly displaying your sub-badge in your Twitch chat. If you're a Twitch Partner, you can also get a free (lifetime!) sub for your bot by following this Twitch help article.

Renaming the Twitch botā€‹

Follow these steps to rename your Twitch chat bot:

  1. First open up the Ā«FeaturesĀ» menu from the main menu, then open the Ā«Special featuresĀ» menu from there. The features menu
  2. While in the Ā«Special featuresĀ» menu, find the Ā«Custom bot nameĀ» feature and activate the toggle to the right-hand side of the feature to activate it. Deactivated toggle button
  3. Subscribe to the feature through the separate menu by clicking the Ā«SubscribeĀ» button and then go through that process.
  4. Begin granting the Ā«Twitch-bot account accessĀ» requirement by clicking the Ā«GrantĀ» button in the requirements menu. Granting the requirements
  5. Click Ā«NextĀ» in the information prompt that pops up, telling you to log in to Twitch as the Twitch account you want Moobot to act as. Login prompt
  6. In the new pop-up window that opens, click the Ā«not you?Ā» link at the top part of the window (next to your user thumbnail.)
    Clicking the Ā«not you?Ā» link will let you sign in to or register the Twitch account you want Moobot to act as. Authorization, step 1
  7. Log in or sign up with the Twitch account you want Moobot to act as. Authorization, step 2
  8. Click the Ā«AuthorizeĀ» button at the bottom of the page. Authorization, step 3

Your custom bot name should now be active!

You can go to the Ā«SettingsĀ» menu for the Ā«Custom bot nameĀ» feature to see the active name of your Twitch chat bot.

The settings menu

Bot whispers with your renamed Twitch botā€‹

Unfortunately, because of the heavy restrictions Twitch has put on whispers, Moobot will send all its whispers as itself, not as your bot.

This means that whispers will appear from Moobot and not from your custom named bot.

Moobot puts this restriction to avoid your Twitch chat bot getting wrongfully banned by Twitch.

If you want to turn off all whisper functionality in your Moobot, deactivate the Ā«Allow whispers to be sent as Moobot (disable all whispers otherwise)Ā» checkbox in the Ā«SettingsĀ» menu for the Ā«Custom bot nameĀ» feature.

Adding a bot badge for your renamed Twitch botā€‹

If you and your viewers are using the BetterTTV extension, you can get a bot badge for your bot in Twitch chat by adding the bot in your BTTV channel settings.