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Using chat commands for your Twitch chat bot

Twitch bot commands are special chat commands which you, your mods, and your viewers can use in your Twitch chat.

Anyone with a Twitch account can use one of your chat commands by typing «!Command» in Twitch chat, with «Command» being the name of your command.

Example use of a !schedule chat command

Chat commands are there to help you minimize the effort you spend on repeating yourself, so you can focus on what's important: engaging with and entertaining your audience.

The bot commands do this by displaying repetitive information to your viewers, be it common questions your viewers ask, or just plugging your social media.

Chat commands can also increase viewer engagement. Moobot offers many features which increase engagement, and your viewers will interact with many of the features through the use of chat commands.

Chat commands are great at engagement because they are very common on Twitch, simple to use, and anyone with a Twitch account can interact with chat commands. This means higher engagement for you.

Moobot's chat commands

Your Moobot has several built-in chat commands, which you can tailor to fit the needs of you and your community on Twitch.

You can also make your own custom chat commands, with their own responses and settings.

Moobot can be of help to you, whether you just want to make a simple chat command that spits out a response, or an advanced command which tells what music you're listening to.

On the chance that Moobot does not offer the chat command of your dreams, Moobot even lets you to build it yourself, directly into the Twitch bot!

Chat command features

Moobot offers these key features for its Twitch chat commands:

  • You can take advantage of already built-in chat commands with their own unique settings, and tailor the responses to fit your community. Don't have an English-speaking community? No problem, you can translate all the responses to your own language.
  • You can set up custom chat commands for all your needs. You can fully customize the chat command to your own needs, choosing from a plethora of built-in options to make your perfect command.
  • You can integrate with many third party services with the click of a button, allowing you to take advantage of their powerful features. Want a chat command that displays your League of Legends stats? Just use Moobot's League of Legends integration and Moobot will automatically keep the command's response up-to-date. No need to keep manually updating the response.
  • You can auto post messages to chat through your Moobot's timers.
  • You can have multiple unique names for your chat commands by using aliases. That way you don't have to update the response across multiple chat commands.
  • You can build your own dream chat commands directly into Moobot, or use something someone else has already built. Anyone can share or use these special chat commands across Twitch channels!

Read the full documentation for all the settings and integrations that Moobot offers through its chat commands!